Residents in Webster enjoy a high quality of life in an affordable community, with access to a wide variety of recreational opportunities, shopping destinations, festivals, concerts, parades and 22-miles of waterfront.

Webster’s residents and visitors have expanded opportunities to explore the community’s rich natural resources, leverage its high caliber recreational and industrial assets, and enjoy the benefits of small-town living in a large metropolitan area. The community is enjoying a renewed energy along the Village of Webster’s Main Street, including new restaurants, bistros and retail destinations. Visitors will discover that Webster is brimming with fun and memorable experiences. Investors will realize that our community’s high quality of life is good for their employees and their bottom line. 

Already a top regional destination for sports and recreation tourism, Webster capitalizes on its natural resources and its championship-level athletic venues to attract over 40,000 athletes and visitors annually. Webster’s downtown and waterfronts provide an authentic sense of place that is distinct within the region.

Webster’s economic development strategy aims to maximize quality of life and is focusing on the characteristics that differentiate it from the crowd: a walkable village core; a majestic waterfront; and abundant open space. The same aspects that make Webster a great place to visit also make it a great place to live, and, by extension, raise a family or start a business.

All of this is accomplished through coordination, partnership and dedication from the entire community - leadership, local business, and citizens - working together in the spirit of cooperation to make Webster one of America’s Best Communities.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space

Webster’s abundant system of parks, open space and preserved lands includes over 2,750 protected acres covering diverse habitats and ecosystems.  Residents benefit from access to the Town’s extensive 23-mile network of trails traversing the community and connecting neighborhoods with services and employment centers. 

Did You Know?

The National Recreation Association recommends 15-25 acres of parks and open space preserves per 1,000 population.  Webster’s park and open space system currently exceeds 64 acres per 1,000 population, triple the suggested allocation for the provision of adequate access to recreation resources.

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