The mission of the Webster Economic Development Alliance is to speak with one voice for economic development in Webster. It was created to bring together a number of disparate public and private organizations along with interested individuals that all have stakes in promoting economic growth and revitalization in the community. In creating the Alliance, it was recognized that Webster needed to be an active player in the economic development process and if the community is to effectively compete for new investment and jobs in an increasingly global economy, it would need to present a united front.

WEDA's Organizational Goals 

Economic Development Goals

1. Support business development and investment within the community.

2. Expand the community's tax base through outside investment.

Organizational Development Goals

3. Serve as a comprehensive resource for the Webster community.

4. Establish a unified voice on behalf of Webster.

Community Development Goals

5. Improve the quality-of-life for current and future Webster residents.

6. Promote Webster as a destination and community of choice.

If you have questions, or would like more information on how the Webster Economic Development Alliance can help grow your business in Webster, NY we invite you to get in touch with us 24/7 through our website’s secure contact page.